Venue: MBA Seminar Hall/ Room No. 118


The displayed logo should be identified in particular time period.
  •   Each participant will be provided with a paper .
  •   Each participant should identify the logo and write down in the paper.
  •   Maximum number of correctly answered participants will me move on to the next round.

Concentrating in the communication skill of the participant.
  •   Each participant will be provided with a topic on the spot.
  •   Participant should speak non stop for a minute on the topic.

To enhance creative and critical thinking of participants.
  FOURTH ROUND : WHAT AN IDEA! Marketing Skills

Participant will be given a product or service for marketing. He or She has to make their virtual strategy writing in a paper and highlighting and presenting it two minutes.

Participant will be given a case study, which they are required to read and present the solution.

Direct questions and activity (3to 5 minutes only)

Faculty coordinator Dr.Ashokan .C
Student Coordinators Vishnu M & Athul Kannan
Rules and regulation   Use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  Any malpractice or unfair means are not allowed if found will be disqualified .
  Judges decisions are final.
  The task should be completed within the time limit.
Game fee’s Rs 30/-
Awards Winners trophy will be provided

2. BOOM-BANG!(Mini-Miltia)

VENUE : Room No. 110
Theme of the game : Power of Concentration

Participant are required to join a room of mini-miltia and play the game and the person with the highest point wins THE PRIZE.

Faculty coordinator Ms.Neethu M Joy
Student Coordinators Abhijith & Abhinav
Rules and regulation   Player must bring their own devices.
  Participant are required to bring their mobile phone’s.
  Cracked and hacked version of the game are not allowed and will be verified by the coordinators.
  The Participants must download the game from google store APK downloaded games will not be allowed.
  All participants must put their Devices on DND (any disturbance during the game by calls will not earn you restart).
Game fee’s Rs 20/-
Awards Winners trophy will be provided


VENUE : Outdoor
Theme of the game : Target Oriented

Participants are required to shoot the Football through the Tire hole!!!!

Faculty coordinator Ms.Suma R
Student Coordinators Sooraj A M & Vishnu P
Rules and regulation   The judges keep track of the goals scored and will decide the winner.
  Judges decision will be final.
  3 chances will be provided to each participant’s to hit the target.
  Re-entry will get one chance at the shoot.
  Trophy will be provided to the participants who scores more than once.
Game fee’s Rs 30/-
Re-Entry Rs 20/-
Awards Winners trophy will be provided


Theme of the game : Entertainment

The participants will be able to experience the virtual world through AR/VR device

Faculty coordinator Mr. Rajkumar Narayanan
Student Coordinators Vignesh V & Akhila M
Rules and regulation   Participants should handle the device with care.
  If any problem arises with the device then the personal should inform the Coordinator’s.
Fees School - Rs 30/-
Collage - Rs 50/-


Theme of the game : Gesture

Songs will be played spontaneously and the participants are required to dance till the song stops.

Student Coordinators Harikrishnan R & Hrishikesh P K
Rules and regulation   Fusion songs will be played.
  Songs will be changed randomly according to the coordinators perspective.
  Judges decision will be final.
  Repeated steps are not allowed.
  Performance should be non-stop until the song stops.
Game fees Rs 30/-
Awards Winners trophy will be provided


Theme of the game : Brain Storming

Participants are given various puzzles to solve in a single desk:- This game involves participant to build the metal ability along with another activity game is moving a wire loop to the other end without touching the cable.

Student Coordinators Rithin Mohan & Gopesh Nair
Rules and regulation   2 minutes time will be provided to do the task
  If the metal loop touch the loop wire then the participant need to start from the starting point again
  4 rounds are there
  For each round 2 minutes are provided
  Judges decision will be final
Game fees Rs 30/-
Awards Winners trophy will be provided

7. DRAGON SHOE (log walk)

Theme of the game : Team Work

The Team will be given a log where they need to coordinate and walk on it from starting point to the ending point.
A competition walk of two different teams.

Faculty Coordinators Dr.KS. Sreejamol
Student Coordinators Amalsagar & Veena K
Rules and regulation   Each team should have five members in it.
  Their feet should not touch the floor.
  Judges decision will be final.
  The personal who reach the ending point first wins.
  Any unfair means detected will be disqualified.
Game fees Rs 50/-
Awards Winners trophy will be provided